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To buy one or more cd’s do the next things:

Fill in your name (Jouw naam), e-mail (Jouw e-mail adres) and postal address plus extra comments (Jouw postadres) in the form below. Write in the field “Onderwerp” which cd or cd’s you want to buy, for example: “one cd Paseo al Mar and one cd Tierra de la Esperanza”. Then click the Send “Verzenden” button. After you have sended all data you will receive a message which confirms your order.

Then pay at the same moment the right amount to IBAN: NL74 RABO 0146 4808 48 on name of M.L. Pietersma (Arnhem, Netherlands). The right amounts including sending costs are:
– Cd Tierra de la Esperanza: € 9,95
– Cd Solo Guitarra: € 6,95
– Cd Paseo al Mar: € 9,95
To buy more then one CD you can simply sum the prices, for example if you want to buy one CD cd Solo Guitarra and one cd Paseo al Mar you’ll pay € 16,90.
Thanks for ordering a CD! PS, sending a CD to another country cost a lot of money (around 7-8 euros), by buying more then one CD you can help reducing these costs. Thanks!

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